The Best of Our Food

Authentic Italian Cuisine Since 1983

Pizzicotto features authentic regional Italian cuisine in an intimate setting. As you enter, one of the two sisters or the warm-smiles of the staff greet you. Whether you have a reservation or are a spontaneous walk-in, whether you are on your own with a good book in hand or accompanied by your family or on a romantic first date, you are welcome here, among the great servers and the aromas lightly dancing in the air from the kitchen. Daily specials are handwritten and cooked to order by Chef Sebastiano and Colgardo.

So many great choices, what to order? It depends on what you feel like on that given day. The selection is extensive and exquisite. Some of Pizzicotto's signature dishes include "Cuoccopazzo", a scrumptious whitefish in a delicate pistachio and horseradish crust, in a garlic-lemon topping. You may want to try the "Ravioli Aragosta", stuffed with fresh Pacific Lobster in a light brandy-tomato sauce, or why not the "Risotto di Mare", made with scallops, tomatoes, clams, calamari and shrimps, which in a bite will transport you to the Venetian realm.

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