Pizzicotto features authentic regional Italian cuisine in an intimate setting. As you enter, one of the two sisters or the warm-smiles of the staff greet you. Whether you have a reservation or are a spontaneous walk-in, whether you are on your own with a good book in hand or accompanied by your family or on a romantic first date, you are welcome here, among the great servers and the aromas lightly dancing in the air from the kitchen. Daily specials are handwritten and cooked to order.

So many great choices, what to order? It depends on what you feel like on that given day. The selection is extensive and exquisite. Some of Pizzicotto‘s signature dishes include “Cuoccopazzo”, a scrumptious whitefish in a delicate pistachio and horseradish crust, in a garlic-lemon topping. You may want to try the “Ravioli Aragosta”, stuffed with fresh Pacific Lobster in a light brandy-tomato sauce, or why not the “Risotto di Mare”, made with scallops, tomatoes, clams, calamari and shrimps, which in a bite will transport you to the Venetian realm.

Stunning Italian appetizers, distinct organic salads, along with artisanal pasta are included in this restaurant’s award-winning menu. Thin and perfectly crusted pizzas make you think you are back in vacation in Italy. Amidst many delicacies, also highly worth mentioning are the savory vegetarian soups, veggie-delicious dishes, and gluten-free pasta and pizza if desired.

Let’s dine and wine! At Pizzicotto, you will have no trouble finding the best wine to accompany your lunch or dinner, just browse through the extensive international wine list or ask one of the servers who are well-versed in the language of Dionysus. Good friends give good advice; we feel it is our duty to suggest you leave room for dessert, as they are the crowning glory of a time sweetly spent. Choices include homemade tiramisu, chocolate profiteroles brought from Italy, delectable homemade biscotti, and delicious tartes in the flavor of your liking – berry, apple, or lemon. Sometimes the sisters’ mother, Lena, prepares her signature cookies, spreading pure happiness.

Just like their native city of Bergamo, their restaurant is designed on two levels. There is the family-friendly area downstairs, and a romantic loft upstairs. Walls are lined up with the accolades and merits given to this wonderful Italian bistro.

Pizzicotto boasts a lovely clientele -regulars, new comers, visitors, renowned faces -its size and popularity respects and recommends reservations. Come by for lunch, dinner, a pizza, or a cup of coffee with dessert. The restaurant is located in the heart of Brentwood, on the south side of San Vicente boulevard, between Gorham and Montana streets, and parking is available on the Old Republic Bank parking lot or on one of the adjacent streets. Come to Pizzicotto to celebrate the dream!


Pizzicotto is the story of how dreams come true in America. This is the story of two sisters, Isabella and Luciana, born on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, and raised in Bergamo, a magical city north of Milan. Just like their current restaurant in Brentwood, which is on two floors, their native land is built on a modern-feel lower city “Citta Bassa” and the medieval hilltop “Citta Alta.”

Early in their childhood, the two sisters were exposed to the wonders of traditional Italian cuisine, thanks to the recipes passed down for generations, always using what nature has to offer through various seasonal locally grown vegetables, fruits, and spices. This passion and respect acquired for food that nurtures body and soul, in addition to lessons learned from their parents on the art of creating a home away from home, formed a dream the sisters would one day bring to light with their own business – Pizzicotto.

How did this Italian vision flourish on the sunny coast of Southern California? Isabella, drawn by her love for travel, found herself in Los Angeles, soon persuading Luciana and their larger-than-life mother Lena to visit. hence, in 1991, the trio was reunited. Months together turned into years, as they recalled their childhood dream of having their own restaurant, a place where friends would be nourished and nurtured, a place where strangers would become friends. From unity comes strength The sisters worked hard and planned harder. And one day, as life is full of surprises, they got Pizzicotto. This were to be a place they would share the culinary knowledge they had acquired back in Italy, using only the best organic ingredients, serving only fresh local and imported products, in a charming atmosphere. The dream was no longer a dream. It had become a reality.